Friday, August 29, 2014

Reader's Review - Michael Connelly (Void Moon)

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Freedom! Which one of us does not dream of total freedom? Think of all the possibilities, all the doors that would open for you, if you only had the necessary financial freedom to do as you pleased.

The vast majority of people have long ago depreciated such dreams as unrealistic options. It is quite correct, that only a small group of people are bestowed to live a carefree life without financial speculation. But there is a small, purposeful, or perhaps we should say, desperate group of people, who put the will and the forces behind their desires, hoping that the bloom thin curtain of dreams one day will be pulled aside,revealing the tangible fulfillment of all their hopes.

Cassie Black belongs to this last group. She is driven, not only by a desire for wealth. Her motives are more complex and selfless. That is why, Cassie has returned to Cleopatra Casino, prepared to perform the same kind of coup, that killed her boyfriend years ago. Everything is planned to the smallest detail, only the void moon is not to be controlled. It is the joker in a game of life and death, dreams and nightmares.

Many books covers the subject about robbing a casino in Las Vegas. Not all have been thought out thoroughly, but 'Void Moon' is not among these. The language is simple and accessible, without at any point being childish. The plot is cleverly conceived, without being too complicated. And the cast is sparse but interesting.

This book is in its simplicity, a brilliant piece of craftsmanship. It caught me from the first page and kept me locked up in my chair until the very last page. I can only give 'Void moon' my best recommendations. It is a crime, and the best thing about the book is, that it does not try to pretend to be anything else. To me Michael Connelly was an unknown name until now, but I will definitely look for more books by this eloquent writer, and hope that his other books holds the same high standard.

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