Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Reader's Review - Dean Koontz (The Taking)

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It's always nice to receive a visit from an old beloved friend, just to discover everything is well. That everything is exactly as you expected it to be. That was the feeling I got, when I opened the 'The Taking'  and turned the first pages. Dean Koontz have accompanied me through my life since my youth, and I have most of his books lined up right beside me on the bookshelves in my library. I've spent many hours in the company of his imagination - a company I have truly enjoyed.

Those of you, who have read my reviews for a long time, knows that I really appreciate heavy books because they tend to be more complex and thoroughly prepared. 'The Taking' is only 262 pages long, which made me worry. Would I be able to let myself get caught in the action, with such a short story? The answer is: Absolutely. In particular, because the majority of the story only extends over a single day.

'The Taking' was my bedfellow for a week - and a really good one if I may say so. This book is a real page turner. Dean Koontz has never been into lengthy introductions. The story takes off right from the first page, and 'The Taking' keeps the momentum right to the end. We follows the protagonists, Molly and Niel Sloan, in what well may be humanity's last night on earth. While the world is changing at an alarming rate, Molly and Niel strives to figure out, what is going on and how they can prevent what seems inevitable. The odds are not in their favor and chances for success close to zero.

'The Taking' is a real thriller. The book describes a completely foreign environment, and that's why it's impossible to come to a foregone conclusion. Even with only a few pages left, it was completely impossible to predict the outcome. Dean Koontz writes with his usual elegance and exhibits a unique insight into the human psyche and the way it behaves in stressful situations.

Dean Koontz was my guest for awhile. It was a short visit. Only 262 pages. But I enjoyed every second and I'll welcome him back anytime he finds it convenient.

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