Sunday, August 4, 2013

Reader's Review - Laura Wright Laroche (Black Woods: Book 1)

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During my vacation, I've been reading 'Black Woods: Book 1' by Laura Wright Laroche. It was a really exciting experience. 'Black Woods' is a series of several books, the first of which can be downloaded for free from I was curious about the reading experience, because sometimes the first free book in a series is really just an appetizer without a proper act and ending. Apparently the only intention is to get me hooked and hopefully decide to buy the next volumes in the series. It is fair enough that the authors tries to sell their books, but the desire to buy the next book in the series should hopefully be based on the excitement, the action and the desire to read on, rather than the nagging feeling that you have wasted your time reading an unfinished story and therefore feel compelled to buy the following books to get to the conclution.

Fortunately 'Black Woods: Book 1' does not belong to the last category.

In short, the action takes place in a abandoned mining area in a forest. The mines are closed down long time ago and are now overgrown and desolate. No ... not completely desolated. Something was awakened when the mining companies excavated the mine shafts. Something was released into a world where it did not belong. However, it is not completely free - yet. There are boundaries it cannot pass. These imaginary borders are not visible, and unwary or just ignorant people that does not know of its existence, may accidentally cross that invisible border. And once you have crossed this line, the chance that you're getting back alive, is strongly diminished.

The book is captivating from the first page. The story contains all the classic elements of a good horror story. It is well told. It is action-packed without being forced. And it contains long, uneventful passages where you just sits with bated breath and await the inevitable. In brief, I was entertained throughout the book.

One last thing I want to mention is the
ending of the book. The book ends in a way that makes you feel that you have received most of the answers to the problems you are presented to in the book. In this way, 'Black Wood: Book 1' can be read as a standalone novel. The end is sufficiently open that it simultaneously provides for a continuation - and that is a sequel you really would like to read, because what you've read so far has been both exciting and entertaining.

I will give 'Black Wood: Book 1' my best recommendations and as soon as I receive my new tablet, the rest of  the 'Black Wood' series will be among the first books I buy.

Keep up the good work, Laura!

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful review of Black Woods and sharing it with your followers. I'm honored that you took the time to express your reading experience.
    Take care and best wishes,
    Laura - "In a world of words anything is possible."