Friday, December 21, 2012

Reader's review - Linda Castillo (Sworn to silence)

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I have just had a great reading experience. Actually, I did not want to buy this book - mostly because it was a female author. It's no secret that I have great difficulty with female crime writers. It often ends up in some nonsense with exaggerated emphasis on feelings and relationships between people. But ... there are certainly exceptions!

I have previously reviewed Annika von Holdt's book "Sleep like the dead" (sorry, no English version), which is one of the best books I've read in the last few years. Now I bite the dust and recognize that I have encountered yet another crushing talented female writer. Linda Castillo has committed a powerful thriller set in a small community in Ohio, USA.

Very cunning, she describes the looming conflict and tension between Painter Mill's U.S. residents and the small enclave of Amish people living in the city's hinterland. The city's female station manager at the local police station, Kate Burkholder, are suddenly faced with a series of brutal murders of young women, leaving a bloody trail back to her own past as an Amish. Before long, she is torn between loyalty to the people whom long ago excluded her from their society, loyalty to herself and the dark secret she carries with her and the loyalty to the small urban communities she has pledged to protect.

Linda Castillo writes in a very intense way. She is able to describe the cruelty and violence, the victims experience, without going into too much detail that it might prevent the reader from the opportunity to use his own imagination and empathy - and that is what makes the novel work so well. I surrender unconditionally! I must admit: Women are really able to write. And they can do it in a gripping way and with real authority. Unfortunately,
they just don't do it too often. Linda Castillo does it! With style, and to the delight of the reader.

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