Sunday, August 12, 2012

Reader's review - Stieg Larsson (Millennium-trilogy)

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Stieg Larsson was a brilliant writer. And his Millennium trilogy is nothing but a masterpiece.
As I write these words, there is hardly a single bookworm who have not heard about, or read these books. Should you happen to be one of the few who hasn't read the books, I can just say one thing: The Millennium trilogy is one of the most important happenings in the crime genre, written in recent times.
The writing style is definitely not dazzling, bad choice of word, weak formulations which sometimes seems childish and a hopeless sentence structures marring the books. My review goes for the Danish version of the books, so of course it might be possible that we are just talking about a poor translation from the original language, unfortunately I think this is not very likely.

What remains, is the ingeniously conceived plot that is so eminent that it outshines Stieg Larsson's literary shortcomings. Another strong side is his choice of characters and the description of them.  

After reading the last pages of 'The girl that kicked the hornet's nest', I was almost left with a panicky realization that there would be no more reunion with Michael, Erika and last but not least, Lisbeth Salander. It was almost unbearable. Those strong personalities deserves to live on, but would they be able to do that without Stieg Larsson? Hardly. Therefore, unfortunately the conclusion has to be that the characters are better off, leaving this world with their Creator.

Here is the plot in brief description: The journalist, Mikael Blomkvist, are hired by an old man named Henrik Vanger who want to clear up an unsolved murder mystery. Detours are Mikael Blomkvist introduced to Lisbeth Salander - a highly controversial researcher.
What begins as a simple task, where skeletons from the past are let loose, suddenly turns out to be Pandora's box, where all the horrors of the world are hidden. And once you have let them out of the box, you have to capture and kill them all - or perish.

My best recommendation. This trilogy will haunt you for a long time. And that's what reading is all about, right?

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