Thursday, December 19, 2013

Reader's Review - Stephen King (Dolores Claiborne)

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It is widely known that women talks a lot. It's a most unpleasant experience when they just let their mouth run and just talk nonsense. But once in a while, some women actually have something to say. In fact they are interesting, not just to talk to, but also to listen to. Dolores Claiborne belong definitely to this latter category.

She is sixty-six years old, and she has lived most of her life, for better or worse. Some might argue that it is mostly for the worse, but that's life after all, right? Nevertheless, Dolores has not lost the courage - although there have certainly been times when she's balanced perilously close to the brink.

Dolores Claiborne is a true fighter that does not go out of the way to do what needs to be done, when the circumstances of life requires it of her. And it is because of that, that she's now sitting at the local police station to make a statement. A statement we are allowed to withness from start to finish.

The book is a stroke of genius. Absolutely nothing less than a stroke of genius. It is the first time that I have read a book that did not contain chapters or sections. It is one long monologue from a woman who is suspected of having committed one murder, but have come to confess another.

The plot is brilliant in its simplicity and Dolores Claiborne's explanation unfolds like a flower of varying beauty. By this book, Stephen King confirms that nothing in this world is only black or white. The story is written with such ease and elegance that I can not help but envy Stephen King for his unique writing talent and resourcefulness.

It is flippant to write a book as a monologue, while being able to keep his readers hooked from start to finish. Dolores Claiborne has something to say, but it's Stephen King that makes it all happen.

'Dolores Claiborne' may at first seem trivial and uninteresting compared Stephen King's other works, but make no mistake: This is a textbook example of excellent writing-skill and should be read closely by everyone who wants to be an successful author.

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