Thursday, January 16, 2014

Reader's Review - Charles Grant (The X-Files: Goblins)

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I'm a big fan of 'The X-Files'. The story about Fox Moulder's eternal and unremitting quest for the answer regarding who or what it was that abducted his sister when they were children, are extremely fascinating to me.

The series lasted for many seasons and although far from all episodes held the same high standard, this series, however, had a peculiar attraction. There is a never-ending fascination when it comes to the unexplained and supernatural happenings in real life. 'The X-Files' was probably one of the first TV series of its kind to deal with that theme.

Despite the fact that 'The X-Files' by now is an old series, it still attracts some faithful followers. Charles Grant is definitely one of them. In fact, his fascination of the series made him write some stories to 'The X-Files' universe. 'The X-Files: Goblins' is one of them.

Let it be said at once, that this book will never win any literary awards. The quality of the story is way too mainstream. But still, the book is fine entertainment. Charles Grant describes 'The X-File' universe quite well. His descriptions of Fox Moulder and Dana Scully is so precise that you can clearly feel the tensions between these two very different agents. This is quite an achievement, considering that he has never been personally involved in the production of TV series. 'The X-Files: Goblins' stays within the borders of 'The X-File' universe. So if you like the TV series, there are every reason to believe that you will enjoy this book.

I have to comment on the plot of the book, though. When considering the vast possibilities inherent in the supernatural universe 'The X-Files' operates in, it is disappointing that the story is about a completely ordinary top-secret military project. Although the project is located outside the limits of the possible, I still miss something. Where are UFO's and the little green men? If I were to write a story in 'The X-Files' universe, the supernatural theme would dominate every single page of the book.

The conclusion has to be: 'The X-Files: Goblins' is an entertaining book. You will get what you expect without leaving a lasting impression. Charles Grant certainly has a fine potential as a writer, but 'The X-Files: Goblins' is not the book that confirms his talent.

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