Friday, November 22, 2013

Reader's Review - James Patterson (Along Came A Spider)

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People with various forms of mental deviations have always intrigued me. To be quite honest, it's probably their unpredictable and uncontrollable behavior that catches my interest. Such a man exists in James Patterson's novel 'Along Came A Spider'.

Gary Murphy is a loving father who celebrates his kids birthday and takes care of his job as a teacher. But he is more than that. He is one of America's biggest mass murderers with over twohundred lives on his conscience. He's just not aware of it. Or ... is he?

James Patterson gives us a detailed insight into this persons mental disorder and psychopathic behavior. But he does more than that. He pulls you into his web of hidden agendas and intrigues in a way, that you'll eventually find it difficult to find what's really going on in the story.

How good is the literary quality in the novel? The plot is extremely complex but, despite the many details, the book is by no means too long or tedious. Actually, there are passages in the book where I wished for a greater amount of details. Gary Murphy is such a complex personality, and his thoughts and acts are so interesting, that I would have liked to have a deeper insight into his life and whereabouts.

James Patterson is no doubt a talented writer and his choice of theme catches me. Still, I can not surrender unconditionally to his universe. In some ways I feel the lack of consistency and depth. The focal point of the story, the kidnapping of two young children, is swift and although it is a crime that haunts the rest of the book, it seems as if the story changes direction and there were times where I was a little unsure of where the story was heading. In my view, the plot lacks edge and personalization. Sorry, but that's how I feel after reading 'Along Came A Spider'.

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