Saturday, March 26, 2016

Reader's Review - Kenneth Kit Lamug (The Stumps on Falttop Hill)

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When asked, if I wanted to write a review of a childrens book, I must admit, I was a bit skeptical. Usually I only write reviews of book written for adults. But Kenneth Kit Lamug managed to convinced me with arguments like: “It's only 40 pages long”, “It's a horror story for children” and “You will be able to read it in no time”. Although he wasn't telling a lie, he didn't tell me the whole truth. Let's look at the book…

It's only 40 pages long”…
Actually it's 41 pages, if you count the front-page in. Half of the book is text, while the other half holds illustrations, according to the text. At first glance, I didn't like the illustrations, but after I'd studied them a little closer, I have to admit, that they complements the story just perfect. Every picture has been drawn in black and brown. The drawing style made me think of wood-carving, and I suppose that was the authors intention too.
The text was a big surprise to me. It was written in verses. I'm very fond of poesy and I really enjoyed the reading. The text was well composed and very captivating.

It's a horror story for children”…
How scary can it be. Really? Quite a lot, actually! In fact, 'The Stumps on Flattop Hill' can be as scary as your imagination allows you to. This book holds several layers. Obvious the first layer is the story the children hear (Some might be really frightened. If you are a parent, prepare to spend several nights, sleeping with your small ones). But the next layers are definitely not for children. This story holds real horror. There's a story behind, that demands to be written – and it should be. It deserves it.

You will be able to read it in no time”…
Yeah, right. Although the story was short, I have to admit that I went back and read it over and over again. I enjoyed it every time – and I'm not done yet. Right now I'm reading 'Game of Thrones' volume 4. It's a heavy book – over 800 pages long. The saga is really well written, but I have to admit: After three or four pages, I'm sound asleep. 'The Stumps on Flattop Hill' might seem small, but this damn book was able to keep me awake, long after I turned the last page.

'The Stumps on Flattop Hill' is a true horror story – and it will haunt you long after the lights have been turned off and the darkness have consumed your room.

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