Saturday, January 16, 2016

Readers review - James Patterson (Kiss the Girls)

Let's cut the bone. If you are into crimes, and you'll only have one book left to read in your entire lives. Let it be 'Kiss the Girls'. I can ensure you, that you won't find a more exiting and intriguing novel than this one. Buy it, read it and enjoy.

Those of you who have read my last review of James Patterson's 'Along Came a Spider' knows, that I was not entirely satisfied with that novel. It was complicated, the story-line was confusing from time to time, and I found, that there was a lack of depth in the plot.

Because of my former reading experience with this author, I was really doubtful whether I would like 'Kiss the Girls' or not. But I did. I really enjoyed reading every single page of this book. Actually I don't understand how these two novels can be so different from each other, considering that it's the same author, but they are.

'Kiss the Girls' is nothing but a masterpiece. The chapters are short, but each and every one of them builds up the excitement. If you want to learn how to write cliffhangers, 'Kiss the Girls' is a perfect example how to do it. But that’s not all. James Patterson brings you to the brink of desperation halfway through the book, where Alex Cross, our hero and main character, are just a few seconds away from catching one of the bad guys, but misses. The scenes throughout the book are so tense, that it's hard to stand. This book is pure magic, since the pages almost turns themselves.

Crimes are usually not my favorite theme, but this one takes the price. Big time!!! It's an old book, but if you happen to stumble upon it, don't hesitate to buy it. You won't regret it.

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