Monday, January 11, 2010

Welcome to The Storyteller!

In radio's infancy, members of the family gathered around the radio to keep up with the serial story that were broadcast. In my childhood we were sitting with pounding heartbeat while the Radio Theatre sent a radio play.Frustration and delight mingled after each episodes ending, knowing that we have got to face another week before the next piece of the criminal puzzle could find its proper place.

Since then
the television outmatched the radios domination. TV series by TV series rolls across the screen from early morning to late in the evening. But while the amount of entertainment has increased, the quality has decreased accordingly. Few TV series are able to mesmerize people. Today many people are not able to read something more demanding than the two lines of subtitles on the screen,  which is necessary to translate the dialogues. The television's visual overfeeding has created a literary destitution.

Good stories still exists, and a lot of
new titles are published every day.
The good stories are not dead and buried as long as it has an attentive and faithful readership.

When the authors, represented by Stephen King, Dan Brown and the danish author Jussi Adler-Olsen are able to sell books in thousands, even millions of copies, it is because good stories are still valued and loved by a large audience. These authors continues the proud tradition the writers of the
past have founded.No one can deny that writers like Bram Stroker, Mary Shelly, HP Lovecraft and Sir Edgar Alan Poe, founded a narrative art of writing still appreciated today. Each of them contributed to what became the Gothic narrative art.With this blog I hope to maintain and contribute to this particular narrative style and prevent it to go into oblivion. I do not claim to be able to keep pace with these great writers, but if my stories and reviews are able to arouse interest in this ancient writing style, much will be won ...

I wish you a lot of exciting moments with The Storyteller.

Best regards

Falcon Dove

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