Friday, September 16, 2011

Reader's review - Stephen King (Just After Sunset)

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Stephen King is at his best!

In the preface to this book, Stephen King
writes that he hopes to regain the ability to write short stories. It was a source of income for him as a young, unknown author, but a writing style that he feels he lost when he began to write novels. Now he tries to regain this ability. The question is whether he have succeeded?

The answer is a resounding YES!

'Just After Sunset' contains thirteen short stories. The style and quality is variable, but most stories have a very high standard. Stephen King has a distinctive writing style that, at his best, draws the reader into his dark universe. And that's exactly what I saw when I read 'Just After Sunset'!

However, I have to highlight a single short story, which in my opinion outshines the others in the book: 'N.'

If no other short story was worth reading, 'N' would be enough reason to buy this book. Stephen King has returned to his dark, supernatural universe. He writes with the same desperation and intensity as H. P. Lovecraft could have done. The inspiration is obvious; Stephen King does not copy the Lovecraft universe - he expands it. If you like the gothic horror style, this is the one short story you simply have to read. Stephen King has always been a magnificent writer, but as a short story writer,
and with 'N' he has definitely reclaimed his throne as the dark prince.

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