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Reader's review - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (A Study in Scarlet)

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Thousands of books are published every year. In the U.S. more fiction are published every year, than a man can manage to read in a lifetime. Maybe that's why I get so annoyed when I read a bad book, because I know that there will be one less good book to read in my lifetime.

Most of the books published today should never have seen the light of the day. I am well aware that the individual authors sees it different. They have invested time and energy in their work. But for many writers it is a waste of time. No matter how many books these people are going to write, their level won't be of high enough standard.

This leads us to the inevitable question: What is a good book? I will not be the one who sets up sharp guidelines for how a good book should be defined. The taste is known to vary from person to person. One requirement must be satisfied, though: The story must be compelling and interesting from start to finish. The author should give the reader time to get into the story and you have got to have the feeling that you are part of the events. Many writers choose to ignore or override this fact in a poor attempt to convert the movie to paper. I think, many modern authors are trying to implement the movie's rapid
change of scenes, dialogs and clip to the world of books. It just don't work! In movies, you have the visual part to help the producer describe the situation and the people in it. This luxury are not available when you write a book. Here, it is solely your phraseology and terminology that will help you to create the imagination in the reader's mind.

If you want to watch a talented author's technique, it may be useful to turn to the classic writers, including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle -
the father of Sherlock Holmes. Once again are his novels of the famous, self-taught and choleric master detective, republished. The first novel are 'A Study in Scarlet'.

or the first time, we are presented to Dr. Watson who has just returned from the war in Afghanistan, trying to lick his wounds and get hold of his nerves. By chance he will be presented to Sherlock Holmes, looking for a flatmate to the apartment at 221B Baker Street, London. Sherlock Holmes makes a living by being 'Advisory detective' as he likes to call himself. He lives in the shadow of the more or less competent detectives he has assisted until now. He is slightly annoyed, but with a mild resignation he seems to come to terms with this fact.To Dr. Watson, Sherlock Holmes' habits, abilities and work is due to constantly wondering. Sherlock Holmes are one day asked to give advise in a case of a body in an abandoned building, Dr. Watson's gets his first opportunity to observe his newfound friend's abilities at close range when he gets involved in the action - all the way to the solving of the case.

So, what makes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's writing style so special? If only I must mention a few things which I appreciate very much, it must be the fact that he teh most fantastic ability to shorten the actions that otherwise could have been lengthy and tedious. This he does without making the reader feel that he is being torn out of the book's rhythm. In other times, his descriptions of people and events are very detailed. These changes of speed helps to give life and dynamism to the action of the novel.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is a classic example of a great writer. If the reader wants to have a basis for comparison when assessing new authors qualities, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, will be an excellent measure.Many newer writers might think that it is unfair to be compared with such an excellent writer. To this I can only reply: Readers deserve the best, and with such a large selection of available books, there are definitely no room for the mediocre performance. Sorry, but it's true...

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